‘Darkrooms: retracing childhood memories’, is an on-going body of work that uses 'acts of memory' to re-enact traumatic pasts and sexual encounters, exploring personal histories, trauma and childhood – in particular, looking at questions of sexuality through the lens of queer bodies of colour. 

Within gay culture, darkrooms are highly sexual spaces that are exclusively used for cruising and anonymous sex. It is a labyrinth of men, where you move through the maze, feeling different bodies. Performing. Grinding. Submitting.

Drawing on a autobiographical material as well as first-hand accounts by others, this series uses a range of visual approaches to translate (and make sense of) memories marked with sex and triggering experiences of being in darkrooms.



Darkrooms: retracing childhood memories, Third Space, Helsinki
21 - 27 June 2018

Unruly Politics, Twelve Gates Arts, Philadelphia
2 March - 26 April 2018

Photographs courtesy: Twelve Gates Arts